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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  December 22, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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vacation in hawaii but they performed at a staffer party, saying there's always a second chance. >> that's great, they're good too. >> i know, they are pretty good. for coming together, i just feel bad the president wasn't there to see them. >> my brother was at that one, maybe. >> he might have been. >> got a swag bag at the white house and mom's not happy about it. [ laughter ] top stories, weather and traffic all straight ahead on wbz "this morning ". >> the news at 5:00 starts right now. right now at 5:00, a family reunited after a frantic day-long search and this morning, the mother is heading to court. also, breaking overnight, crews battling this fierce fire in boston, we're live on the scene with the latest. schools in nashua, new hampshire back open this morning, the extra security in place one day after a threat forced the entire district to cancel class. and a train collapses right on a home, the overnight efforts to clean up the mess and the
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>> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz "this morning". >> good morning to you, coming up on 5:01, i'm chris mckinnon. >> and i'm kathryn hauser, thank you for being with us, it is december 22, you're going to need your umbrella, not the snow gear not the mittens but the umbrella. >> yeah, just a bit unsettled, tracking through, unmoving, 52 degrees in boston right now, the humidity is 27% the winds from the southwest at nine miles per hour right now, really warm start to the day, mid 50s from taunton back down cooler west and north of boston, nashua, to keene sitting in at 36, 37 degrees right now, the clouds are in mraigs -- place and the showers not too far away, advancing across western new york, just coming in to western kentucky and these areas of rain are going to be advancing in by the time we get to mid morning,
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county in the boston area around 8:00 a.m., notice the steadier rain fills in late morning through lunch time today and will continue off and on, downpour through the afternoon, and then tapering off during the evening hours although i do still think there will be leftover showers around, so it's 50s from start to finish today for most of us, warming even north and west of town with the gusty winds out of the southwest by the time we get to the evening, another round of rain on the way for tomorrow, we'll time that out coming up on the roads, traffic and weather together. >> thank you very much, danielle, we'll take a look at boston, the maps, mostly green, see some slowdowns and the usual trouble spots, you see all the construction crews out there as well, they should be getting off the roads shortly south of town, traffic building so far things are moving along, the express way you know that will fill in as we move forward throughout the morning. 5:02 right now, crews battling a big fire in boston. >> this is the alton, brighton area, smell the smoke from blocks away, let's get right to
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nicole, what can you tell us this morning? >> reporter: chris, kathryn, over the last couple hours since the fire started at 3:00, fire crews have worked really hard putting it out and you can see they've gotten it well under control, there still remains a couple fire trucks here just manning the situation but i do want to get you right to some video from when this fire started just a couple hour ago, you can see just how fierce the flames really were. here's what the deputy chief says, they received the call around 3:00 of heavy fire showing from the outside of the j -- building, they arrived and had to get that under control and start putting holes in the ceiling, as well as lifting it to release all that fire and smoke. they also had to do a thorough search nd because -- inside because part of this building was living quarters but we know for the past 15, 20 years, it has been an abandoned building, and it is now a dcr building. i did speak with a deputy chief
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here's how he believes the fire may have started. >> started on the outside of the vacant building, so usually it's occupied, electrical and the heating system, some sort of accident, there's no indication that would've happened, we don't know at this time. >> reporter: all right, so the indication there is that it did start on the outside of the building which is a little different if it was inside and possible, accidental electrical fire, certainly whether or not is suspicious, still under investigation, he says they simply don't know right now. all the roads right now are open which is good news, the fire chief certainly said he thought it would be the case before rush hour, but again, they're still manning the situation here, we'll continue to bring you any updates as we get them. that's the very latest from brighton, nicole jacobs, wbz "this morning ". >> we appreciate the update,
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a father reunited with his two young children after a frantic day long search, their mother kidnapped them two nights ago triggering that inteps search -- intense search, that mother to face a judge. >> susie steimle on more with what happened, good morning, susie. >> reporter: good morning, valerie mcgrath at the lakeville police department overnight accused of kidnapping her own two kids, according to police she doesn't have custody but she's allowed visitation. the problem is she didn't return would. >> they're both, um, excited about going home and i am too. >> reporter: a sigh of relief from a father whose world was turned upside down. shoulders. >> reporter: steve carrigan allows his ex girlfriend to daughter sunday. but when she didn't return the kids on the agreed upon time, he alerted police. that triggered a 24 hour search
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hong kong grath -- mcgrath took off with the kids, carrigan says it's the best present he could hope for. >> i'm so glad it wasn't another state, just down the street and now we can just go home and enjoy the rest of the night. >> reporter: now he'll head home and answer questions over christmas as mcgrath faces consequence in court. >> just afraid that she was going to take off somewhere and not bring them back and who knows. >> reporter: mcgrath was held here on $10,000 cash bail, she's due in wareham district court to face charges later today. live in lakeville, susie steimle, wbz "this morning ". >> thank you very much for the update this morning. extra police will be on patrol around schools in nashua, new hampshire this morning after an online threat at two high schools there, all national
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police checked out the buildings by late afternoon gave the all clear saying there's no current threat. >> this cancellation has given law enforcement the extra time to conduct extensive safety checks of all the nashua schools and determine no threats or devices of any kind were found. >> in addition to extra police today, counselors will be available at the sools -- schools for any students who feel anxious about what happened. crews worked overnight to upright a crane that topple on to a plymouth home, amazingly no one hurt. the operator was trying to remove a tree yesterday when the crane basically sliced through the roof and second floor of the home on lisa avenue. let's get a live look at the scene right now, you can see some of the damage left behind, investigators are still trying to figure out exactly what happen went wrong, but scary situation for the homeowners, no doubt. >> 5:07 on your tuesday morning. we're learning a new york
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six service members killed in afghanistan, joseph lemm was a 15 year veteran of the nypd, he served in the national guard, he leaves behind a wife and three kids. a suicide bomber drove a motor bike up to a patrol unit outside the bagram air base and detonated an ied, the taliban claiming responsibility on twitter. the homeless woman who drove her car in a crowd of people along the las vegas strip charged with murder. that crash killed one person and injured dozens more. she had been living in the car with her 3-year-old daughter who was also in the vehicle at the time. police say lakeisha holloway did it on purpose, investigators are still searching for a motive but the sheriff says terrorism can't be ruled out just yet. also new this morning, no indictment in the police custody death of sandra bland in texas. 28-year-old, she was found hanging from her jail cell from
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trash bag, police said it was a sue sud -- sue sid but her family didn't believe it, she was stroped at a traffic stop and there's questions about her case. the san bernardino shooters got weapons from one man, he's facing jail this morning, enrique marquez is charged with conspiring to provide materials to support terrorism. investigators say marquez gave two semiautomatic rifles to the shooters who opened fire at an people. today, the man accused of loading a gun, loaning a gun to dzhokhar tsarnaev expected to be sentenced, stephen gave the gun to tsarnaev because he said he wabt want -- wanted to rob university of rhode island students, they used the gun to kill m.i.t. officer collier, silva facing drug charges also. eye opening numbers from the mbta as it struggled with its
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tdz made this year. the highest paid employee took home $315,000. more than half of that was overtime pay, the average hourly wage is just under $35, that's higher than any other major transit systems in the country. meanwhile, the mbta signaling it could increase fares next year. the t's fiscal control board met yesterday, according to the fwloeb they -- globe they approved a measure to hike the fares every two years, the mbta year. a medford police officer saves two babies from a house fire, the infant twins were at home with their mom when the flames broke out monday morning, medford fire crews were already working another fire in town, so when police arrived officer paul giordano ran in to see who was 5-month-olds.
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up there holding infants, black smoke in the hallway and stairway, i just said hand me the infants. >> they were treated on scene and were fine, police say they're just glad or, yeah, they're just glad that they were there to help. officials say the fire started in the basement but they're not sure how it started. a third grader showing what the season of giving is all about. >> she gave up all her own birthday presents this year and gave them to kids in need. savannah famous's night birthday was last month, but instead of getting gifts, she asked her friends and family if she could get the gifts they would've given her to toys and tots, she says she'll do it again next year and collect food for people >> that's great. >> 9 years old, how about that. >> lindsey graham ending his run for the white house, what he thinks about the current gop front runner.
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getting a rise out of charlie baker, didn't get far. how that explains baker's sky high poll numbers. good morning, everybody, a dry start right now, and a mild start, temperatures in the 50s this afternoon but tracking areas of rain, let's you know when they move in and how long, stick around, coming up. every cup as unique as you. always fresh with that signature smooth taste. we take pride in every cup, but only one is your coffee, your dunkin'.
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>> so warm, but firing up the heat this weekend, trying to coat some of the trail so they sent the video out, tweeted out the good fight, obviously ski country having a hard time. >> but what's the deal? >> obviously it will melt away, still mild but as soon as those temperatures are cold enough, everyone is firing up the guns here in ski country, so, not ideal snow making right now for sure but i do think we'll get colder air that comes back by january. >> we need it. >> we need it, ski country and snow lovers want to get out on the slopes but 52 degrees right now. right now. >> in the early morning hours. >> so, we typically are in the upper 30s, just been such a remarkable stretch here, and by the way, want to show you something pretty rare here, it's going to be happening besides rudolph, okay, landing on santa's sleigh here and lighting wait we get a full moon on christmas morning, 6:11.
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in 1977 and the next time it will happen is not until 2034, full moonlighting wait, 56 in boston, taunton 54, we're cooler west of town 37 worcester but only 37 nashua and keene at 36 degrees right now. clouds out there but might get lbtd -- a little bit of filtered sunshine, early once it gets in but showers pressing in to western massachusetts, notice how it's one little thin band here, this is going to expand east here over the next couple hours, comes out ahead of steady, moisture areas of rain and a few downpours back to our west, all of this going to be moving in during the day today. so notice between now and 8:30, standard rain lifts farther north, the south coast aside from a sprinkle, mostly dry for the morning commute, boston, metro west, north and west of town in through southern new hampshire, pockets of rain that will continue to fill in for everybody around lunch time
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it's a dry start right now, want to grab the rain coat or umbrella as you head out the door, 3:00, 3:30, pockets of steady rain you should push out of here during the evening commute, leftover showers we get a brief lull in the action, overnight tonight, in to tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning dry start even a few peeks of sunshine, but the clouds going away quickly, next drive of rain tomorrow in the early afternoon so the evening commute tomorrow will be most impacted, with areas of downpours pushing through, they'll wrap up right around or just after midnight, and then christmas eve day itself, few leftover showers during the course of the morning and afternoon, then late day breaks, temperatures climbing in the mid to upper 60s crushing records across a lot of the northeast here. as we head in to christmas eve day. highs today already in the 50s at least boston to the south coast and stay in the 50s, tonight, 40s for most of us, upper 30s in some of the coolest suburbs, high temperatures
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record warm december too, 68 on christmas eve, 60 on christmas day with lingering clouds and then turning cooler with pockets of showers like lie -- likely prediction for our snowfall contest, how much snow, we haven't seen any yet, logan airport by the end of the season, closest guess when the season passes to watch through for next season, you have until new year's eve to submit on, traffic and weather together, kathryn? >> all right,. . heading in to boston, you can see things picking up a little bit, a look at the map, south of town, let's see how things are shaping up, all green on your screen, that's a good thing, things moving smoothly on the expressway route three as well. governor charlie baker is nearing his end of office, and
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>> a within -- one-on-one interview to see the secret of the success. >> reporter: you have the highest approval rating of any governor in the country, why? >> we try pretty hard to live up to some of the key commitments we made to people when we ran and the biggest one was that we were going to work across party lines and just focus on getting stuff done. >> reporter: that's baker's story and he's sticking to it. even in the face of a persistent effort to get hip -- him to take on a man he has little use for, gop front runner, donald trump. >> would you vote for him if it comes to that? >> we vernl -- certainly have a long way to go. >> reporter: i know you don't want to answer this question, but wouldn't real leadership be taking a position? >> i think we have a long way to go, jon. >> reporter: you think he's going to fold? >> no way to tell and people who predict this sort of thing are often surprised. >> reporter: and if he's a nominee, you're voting for, that's what you're leading me to understand. >> a lot of room, plenty of time, plenty of opportunity for the candidates to make their case. >> reporter: do you feel a trump nomination would be risky
5:19 am
>> we have a long way to go, jon. >> reporter: you still have an open mind toward trump? >> let me be clear there's a bunch of things i find ridiculous that he said. and i'll continue to say that. >> reporter: what are you afraid of? >> not afraid of anything. most voters in massachusetts don't want me to impersonate presidential politics, that's no why they voted for me, elected me. >> reporter: baker will be judged on how well he cleans up the mess he inherited the sky high ratings surely can't last. but for now, he's giving a clinic on how calmness, focus, and refusal to give and take the bait that passes for discourse in our politics these days can make you a very popular guy with voters who surprise, surprise, just want a government that works. hey, your comments are welcome, reach me or via twitter at @kelleratlarge. lindsey graham out of the
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>> the south carolina senator ended his campaign for the president yesterday, he did not say who he would support but questioned whether front runner donald trump could defeat hillary clinton. and it looks like there will be another clinton on the campaign trail next fall, chelsea clinton and her husband announcing they're expecting their second child next summer, in a tweet, hillary clinton said she's excited to meet her. oh, very exciting there. baby news, love baby news. [ laughter ] you know i do. up next, kevin garnet back in boston. >> the special moment he shared with fan's at last night's game and what he says the city means to him. >> plus the red sox awarding [ indiscernible ] the ultimate honor, steve burton
5:21 am
5:24 ks the pack making a roster move for the offense. >> kg moving to the garden, next in sports. guess who was in town, kevin garnet, perhaps making his final appearance in boston but he didn't play because he's on sunday, and kg has a rule, he doesn't play the second game in back to back nights, did get a special hoement -- moment at the
5:22 am
chanting his name all night long, also out with injuries, johnson, but the green didn't miss a beat, atlantic had a career high 19 points. 129, seven skid and got to enjoy some gino time, talking about he's back in boston. >> appreciate that not only the city but in the northeast, it unconditional, very appreciative of it. >> what did boston mean to you? >> it meant everything, love to say that minnesota made me the man i grew up when i went to boston, learned a lot coming from the situation and i prided in my boston situation, i got all the great memories there. to the patriots, signed former rams and running back jackson for the rest of the season, brunt and lewis out for
5:23 am
over 11,000 yards rushing, yet to play this season. and the red sox, they announced it will retire wade boggs number 26 on may 26 next season. the hall-of-famer won five batting titles and was an eight time all-star during his 11 years in boston, another wearing 26 now switching to the previous number, 12. and taking on the st. louis blues tonight in the garden, that's sports for now, guys over to you. >> hoping for a win there as well. still alt more to come in our next half hour, hundreds of local firefighters suing over the department's sirens. >> the health issue they claim the signals are causing and how it's part of a national fight. plus, an 11 year standoff at a church may soon be over, why parishioners are calling their next move their last stand. good morning, danielle. >> good morning, chris, dry right now but i'm tracking some changes, areas of rain moving in, we'll time it out hour by hour together when we come back,
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breaking news right now, it's 5:30, crews battling fierce flames in boston, the latest on the investigation. and a family reunited after a tran tick day--- frantic day-long search, the mom heading to court.
5:26 am
open this morning, the extra security in place after one day after the threat caused them to shut down. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz "this morning". >> it is 5:30 right now, i'm kathryn hauser. >> and i'm chris mckinnon, thanks so much for being with us, it's tuesday, december 22, right? >> right. >> yes. >> it doesn't feel that way. >> no, it doesn't. [ laughter ] you remember your umbrella. >> it's in the car, how much time do we have to run out and grab the umbrella? >> i always call you guys did you remember? >> yeah, mine's in back too, it's okay, areas of rain move in, mid to late morning, lulls in the action and then this afternoon, more rain will move in and that's just one round, we get another round of wet weather to you guys, 52 degrees in boston right now -- impressively warm start to the day, nine
5:27 am
boston the wind, colder in nashua, 48 in lawrence, 40s for most of us in the merrimack valley, taunton to the cape, satellite radar shows showers lifting through the connecticut valley, steadier rain to our west. so hour by hour, this is what happens. between now and 7:00, 7:30, pockets of showers fill in. they'll be steadiest when you get outside of worcester county, this band in authority, through merrimack valley, most of us will be dry. another round around lunch time, metro west in the city of boston and then continues with pockets of rain in the evening by 6:00 p.m. a lot of it will be shipping off the coastline, notice the temperatures running in the 50s and then partial clearing comes in tonight. time out tomorrow's round of rain, get you on the roads, kathryn. >> this is the map west of boston, a few slowdowns, not a
5:28 am
time of morning and a live look at the pike, just a little bit of volume, no major issues, traffic heading up a little bit in boston, keep you posted. 5:32, following breaking news this morning, a fire tears through an alston building, right now fire crew at the at the vacant building, you can smell the smoke for blocks, cutting holes through the roof to get to the fire we're told nobody was injured. checking our other top stories this morning, a mother set to appear in court today police arrested valerie mcgrath this raynham last night, she's accused of taking her two young children and not returning them to their father, the kids are okay this morning and were reunited with their father last night. schools are back open in nashua, new hampshire this morning, but with an extra police presence. a threat forced officials to close down all 17 public schools
5:29 am
there's no longer a specific threat. and overnight, cranes helped right another crane that collapsed on to a house in plymouth, the operator was trying to remove a tree when the crane sliced through the roof and second floor of a home on lisa ave, investigators trying to figure out what went wrong. a suspected armed robber on the cape held without bond this morning, michael sletzinger in or -- orleans district court for a hearing, several tip that helped lead to an arrest from the surveillance video inside a brewster convenience store. the fbi says sletzinger may also be connected to a dozen other robberies from virginia to new england. two teens plead not guilty to charges they hit a man while driving a stolen car. sanchez waved to her family as she entered the courtroom there, police say she was riding in a stolen car driven by arthur woods on friday, now according to authorities, the two were
5:30 am
jeep hit a man walking insomer -- somerville, the victim in the hospital, woods on bail, they're due next month. firefighters say they're losing their hearing because of the sirens the department uses, across the country filing a lawsuit against federal signal which makes the sirens. they say the volume and pitch are unreasonably dangerous and the company could've designed sirens directing the noise away from firefighters. the company is defending their sirens saying in a statement, the claims don't make sense. 5:34, a new report shows more than a quarter of the people living in boston were born outside of the united states. the boston redevelopment authority says the number has increased nearly 20% from 2000 to 2014, the most common country of origin? the dominican republic, china, and haiti, more than 50% living
5:31 am
another country. this morning, parishioners say they may call off the battle to save their shuttered catholic church. worshippers at st. frances cabrini say they'll leave if the u.s. supreme court fails to hear their case. yesterday a judge gave the group 90 days to file right hand petition with the high court, parishioners have held vigil since the boston archdiocese ordered it closed 11 years ago. a randolph man who said he created the characters of kung fu panda is now facing federal charges, prosecutors say he made it all up, jamie gourd produced this sketch which he said dream works stole to create kung fu panda, but in fact, prosecutors say the sketch was something he traced out of a lion king coloring book. dream works spent around $3 million tighting -- fighting his lawsuit, he could face up to 20 years in prison now. still ahead, bmw facing a hefty fine over recalls. plus, the gifts people are
5:32 am
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california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at welcome back, 5:38 right now on your tuesday morning a special perk, delta will soon give some passengers. plus a major automaker facing hefty fines, hedda daniels live for us in new york for today's money watch, good morning, hanna. >> reporter: good morning, german automaker fined $40 billion for failing to recall mini coopers that failed to meet
5:35 am
unsatisfactory crash tests in 2014 and bmw's failure to follow through with a fix. some delta airline passengers will be wearing pjs when sthe fly -- they fly, beginning in march, starting to give passengers in its elite class gray pajamas from l.a. to sidney and from l.a. to shanghai, those flights can last up to 15 hours, and changing is not a big deal, business class passenger have access to extra big bathrooms. a new report finds shoppers return about $70 billion worth of gifts during the holidays. that's more than 10% of total retail avenue -- retail this year, along, antiaging products and olive oil. >> going to have to return it.
5:36 am
you have to find out wait and see. >> you guys listen to this, many of us still getting our christmas lists done, some retailers are thinking ahead, way ahead. move over garlands and holiday lights, shores like tar get and stop and shop filling their seasonal aisles with easter and valentine's day. >> it's been mild out, maybe they're confused! maybe! that's the only thing that makes sense. >> hanna, thank you very much. full of information this morning. and thousand we know what to avoid for the christmas lists. >> olive oil, avoid it. a check of your traffic and weather. >> i like the olive oil, i like to cook. [ laughter ] a crane collapsing on a local home, nobody got hurt, the overnight efforts to clean up the mess. two kids found safe, their own mother accused of kidnapping them. hear from their relieved father, coming up. plus, facebook offering big
5:37 am
closer to work, but is it enough? we want you to weigh in, our daily talker. temperatures running in the 40s and even 50s out the door, south and west of boston, 49 degrees and very warm and comfortable morning, make it a good day, you too, bruce, everybody else tracking areas of rain, time it out hour by hour,
5:38 am
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welcome back, 5:43 right now, the new england aquarium is trying to save 120 sea turtles that were stunned on cape cod beaches. >> the camp ridly sea turtles, the rarest type of sea turtle goes in a shock when the water gets cold, every year some of them wash up on cape cod beaches and the aquarium works to save them. however, a stranding this large, this late in the season is pretty unusual, but we've been saying it over and over, it just, it's a little mild this year. >> yeah. indeed it is. >> i'll let the experts handle it. over. >> normally the coats and gloves, hats on, instead we're the umbrella. it goes away. every morning, it's like in the 40s, it looks kind of cool and it's not, really we should be in the 20s and 30s this time of year but it has been so warm,
5:41 am
to beat. 61 degrees in boston back in 1996, we had several mild christmases back in the 90s, 2003 with 58 degrees, going to crush the record coming in to the upper 60s by the time we get to christmas eve, 52 degrees in boston, 52. 54 taunton, cape and the islands, slight for the most part, slightly oornd route six, sandwich and then stretching from barnsville to orleans to brewster, you'll need the wipers, couple showers now seeking from woburn in to munson, these are shifting east, southwest across worcester county in the next hour or so. satellite radar shows the clouds are in place and the view there, steadier areas of rain back to our south and west and all this
5:42 am
through during the course of the day today, between now the rain fills in north, 9:00 a.m. boston metro west west of town, southern new hampshire pockets of light to moderate rain, another round another batch fills in midday to the early afternoon a little lull in the action that will start to come in by the early evening so if you're actually driving during the early part of the commute this evening, you will still have wet roadway and partial clearing that comes in this evening and tonight, tomorrow morning it's going to be a dry start but the next batch of rain moves in tomorrow afternoon, the evening commute will be impacted with areas of downpours eventually tapering off after midnight, christmas eve day will feature some leftover showers but not a washout, and again, those warm temperatures, actually ushered in by that gusty southwest breeze, so we're in the 50s right now, boston, we're going to stay in the 50s, even where it's cooler we will gradually rise in the mid 50s by
5:43 am
30s that's it, the coldest suburbs, 47 downtown, tomorrow a dry start in the morning, and then the rain is going to fill in, temperatures once again should manage to come up in to the 50s, accuweather seven day, 68 on christmas eve, still around 60 on christmas day, the records 65, probably won't quite fwet there -- get there, turning cooler with a front that will focus nearby showers on saturday and sunday, traffic ask -- and weather together, chris? the express way, filling in that area, in to boston, expect some time, that's to be expected, few tie ups around the city as well, and west of town, we'll keep you updated throughout the morning. a local mother set to appear in court. breaking news in boston as officials investigate a fire overnight here are your top stories on this tuesday morning. >> reporter: i'm nicole jacobs live in brighton where firefighters battled an
5:44 am
fire that brought out multiple crews, we'll get you right to some videos this morning of the flames shooting through the roof, fire crews say when they arrived they saw the heavy flames and this is as we know a vacant, abandoned building but they did have to do a thorough search and actually lift up the roof in the ceiling to release some of the fire and smoke, the good news there was no one in the building, everything turned out okay -- with regards to but still searching for the cause, right now unclear if it was intentionally set. coming up at 6:00, hear from the deputy chief who was on scene overnight. we're live in brighton, nicole jacobs, wbz "this morning". good morning, i'm susie steimle, live in front of the lakeville police department where a mother was held overnight accused of kidnapping her own two kids. now, those kids are home safe,
5:45 am
to appear in court facing kidnapping charges. police say that valerie mcgrath did not have custody of her two visitation on sunday, the problem she didn't return the kids when she said she would and that prompted a 24-hour search in which the children with found unharmed and returned to their father, coming up at 6:00, hear from their relieved father and the consequences mcgrath might face. live in lakeville, susie steimle, wbz "this morning". overnight, cranes help right another crane that collapsed on to a house in plymouth, the operator was trying to remove a tree yesterday, when the crane just basically sliced through the roof and second floor of a home on lisa avenue, investigators still trying to tg out what went wrong here. the new trial for the baltimore officer accused in the death of freddie gray will start in june, officer william porter is one of six officers charged in gray's death, his first trial ended with a hung jury last
5:46 am
suffered a fatal spinal cord injury while riding in a police van, his death sparked riots in baltimore. >> new details -- new details about a boy scout leader attacked in new jersey, beating the animal back with a hammer, the man was pulled in to a cave by the bear, he suffered wound to his neck, arm, and head, three of the scouts he was leading called for help, the scouts were not hurt, the man's injuries not life-threatening. more health troubles for chipotle, people in three more states have gotten sick after eating there and a few outbreak of, a new outbreak, rather, of e. coli is sfekt -- suspected, the new victims from kansas, north dakota, and oklahoma, not clear if it was linked to the cases in nine other states, the cdc is investigating, dozens of people were infected by norovirus at the second location, those cases not linked to the other outbreak.
5:47 am
high in the sky, at seaworld in florida, the sky tower broke down, stranding them for over two hours, at 400 feet, the sky tower is the tallest observation tower in florida, crews eventually managed to bring the cabin down, no one was hurt and it's unclear exactly what went wrong. a historic landing in florida, the spacex rocket roared in to space and returned 10 minutes later for the first time ever it landed vertically on the launch pad. [ cheers and applause ] similar attempt in june failed when the rocket exploded as it tried to land. now time for our daily talker, would you consider moving closer to work if your employer paid you is this. >> that's what facebook workers are now considering, so here's the thing, the social network is offering thousands of dollars for employees to move within 10 miles of their california campus. employees say the amount is anywhere between 10 and $15,000, facebook says that number is confidential.
5:48 am
squeeze out low income residents in the area, but one economist says this could be a good thing. >> facebook's offer combined with their offer for menlo park to build low housing and for them to support the low income housing is a good thing, it's a package. >> so, we want to know, what do you think of facebook 's offer, would you take it? what incentive would get you to move closer to work? marie writes in on facebook, marie always writes in, thank you, i think it's a thoughtful and generous offer, i work at home so my commute is from the second floor to the first floor, no stress here, and tho snow -- no snow days either and posted on, move closer to work, no way. i love being tortured by the commute. a little sarcasm. >> a little bit. >> we love hearing from you, share your thoughts with us, write on our website, also share them on twitter, #dailytalker or our facebook page, coming up at 6:00. time is running short to
5:49 am
salvation army called in a special ringer to drum up business. >> a familiar place, governor charlie baker rang the bell at the downtown crossing, the salvation army generated headlines with several expensive jewelry donations but the cash gifts are down as of yesterday, more than $1 million short of their goal. >> hmm. >> i hope they, i don't know, make it up yeah, this week, down to the wire but i hope you do it. a boston hair salon is extending a very special service. >> we told you about green tangerine spa, it says it will continue to offer free haircuts to homeless women, the service is offered once a month, staff members work on their days off to help homeless women in the city. pieces. with that story. coming up on wbz "this morning", santa takes a break from the sleigh.
5:50 am
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in some places, santa arrives wearing slippers. >> apparent so, he scuba dove his way to families on a military vessel, he changed and handed out gifts, sang songs and read poems, no word on what the reindeer were up to while santa
5:53 am
>> be careful getting that beard wet, you know what i mean? could take a while to dry out. [ laughter ] there you go. santa, got to get around somehow. >> santa can do it all. magic. >> he is, he is. keep it right here, wbz "this morning", your top stories are straight ahead. [ singing ] you drive with uber to make money for the things you want, and the things you need. for the places you want to be, and the people you want to be with. helping people get rides around your city is easy. just tap, and go. and only you decide when to call it a day. start making money for the things that matter to you.
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